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 Friends of Pinewood


Friends of Pinewood is a friends group, created to support Pinewood Judo Club and in doing so, will subsequently unite those that have coached, trained or simply supported the club over the many years of it’s running.

Pinewood Judo Club has created a legacy of supporting and developing people of all ages. The support gained through this initiative will aid the club in continuing its incredible legacy.

Don Werner created a remarkable judo club and was exceptionally dedicated to maintaining it, with absolute passion and effort. Don’s legacy need not end and the Friends of Pinewood group will directly support the club with all its’ endeavours.

Membership Scheme

The Friends of Pinewood membership scheme consists of the following 5 tiers:

£50[PayPal Individual Supporter]
£100[PayPal Donor]
£500[PayPal Benefactor]
£1000[PayPal Principal Benefactor]
£1000+[PayPal Patron]

If you would like to become a member of Friends of Pinewood, please email us.

Why Join?

Pinewood Judo Club is well known for attending competitions both domestically and abroad very frequently, if not on a weekly basis. Developing competitive experience by frequently and continually attending events is part of the clubs credo. The club’s policy is to pay for the cost of competition entry fee for those selected to represent the club.

How will the Friends of Pinewood group support Pinewood Judo Club?

Proceeds from Friends of Pinewood donations will go directly to Pinewood Judo Club. Pinewood Judo Club has earned a loyal and caring fan base, consisting of past and present members. It is the hope that by banding together as one support group, we can support the club directly in a meaningful and practical way.

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