Child Welfare Officer

Child Welfare Officer

Pinewood Judo Club have their own dedicated Child Welfare Officer. Please see below for details.


Tina Bonny



My name is Tina Bonny, Child Welfare Officer for Pinewood Judo Club. I have been a member of Pinewood Judo Club for a great many years and it is wonderful to see how it has evolved to the vibrant, thriving club that it is today.

In partnership with the club committee my role as Child Welfare Officer is to ensure that the club is adopting and implementing child safeguarding policy and procedures which are necessary for it to demonstrate its duty of care to children.  Please regard me as your point of contact for any welfare concern you may have regarding our young judoka. I train at the club on a Wednesday evening and can also be contacted by email at Equally any of the coaches can pass on your details to me should you wish to make contact.

As part of safeguarding I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and guardians that it is vital you sign your child in at the start of each class and that you leave full contact details if you are not staying to watch. Should there be an emergency of any kind it is imperative that we are able to get hold of a responsible adult.

It is also vital that you keep your coach appraised of any medical condition your child may have, even if only temporary or unconfirmed, which may impact on their performance or behaviour. This is especially important when your child is in the care of someone other than their regular coach, such as at a competition, or in regular training when someone other than your usual sensei is taking the class.



The BJA have their own programme called Safelandings, their official document can be downloaded below:

Click here to download British Judo’s Safelandings


Safelandings  is an official document that outlines child protection policies and procedures for British Judo and all of it’s home nations: JudoScotland, Northern Ireland Judo Federation and Welsh Judo.


Safelandings should be used as an initial point of reference for clubs and individuals regarding child protection matters.

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